1150 Rock Hawg



A J Gammond Ltd are the proud pioneers of Rock Hawg in the U.K and Irish markets. The Rock Hawg is a large scale, purpose built machine designed for the primary excavation of rock. The first machine introduced was a 55 tonne, 440hp version which arrived over two years ago. This machine has proved very successful on a variety of different sites with a diverse array of tasks completed. These have included construction of haul roads in quarries, ultra wide trenches for large pipe installation and large scale excavation for chlorination tanks in water treatment works. The experience gained in completing these contracts has strengthened our belief in Rock Hawg being the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of rock excavation

Due to the success of this machine. Gammonds have now taken delivery of a new 110 tonne 630hp version of the Rock Hawg. This will help us tackle larger challenges, increase productivity and efficiency in existing sites. Aswell as increase the options available to the client, as higher output will be available alongside the ability to have greater control over the size of material produced.

Main Purposes for Rock Hawg




Rock Hawg eliminates the need to drill and blast. So can therefore reach sensitive areas. The material produced also removes any use of the primary crusher, saving both time and money. Customers have also found the Rock Hawg advantageous when building haul roads. This is because Rock Hawg cuts the rock in place without fracturing it in other places. Leaving a much more solid base, without the likely hood of it cracking and breaking up.




Rock Hawg used in Road construction


Road Construction

Rock Hawg can be introduced where rocky conditions intrude on the proposed route of construction. Rock can be levelled or graded to paticular requirement. Material produced is of a high quality and would be ideal to be used as fill in other areas of the site. Minimal disturbance to the surrounding area and rock structure increases the benefits of Rock Hawg in relation to other traditonal methods



Site Levelling


Construction Sites

Large areas of rock can be excavated both efficiently and cost effectively. Material produced eliminates the need to import material as backfill. Rock can be excavated quickly which can reduce site working time and the impact on the local community




Ultra Wide Trench


Ultra Wide Trenches

Rock Hawg allows the excavation of ultra wide trenches with minimal fuss. A minimum of 3 metres wide is possible with wider trenches catered for using multiple passes. All material removed is available to be used as backfill and only the size of trench needed is excavated.



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